YouInHerit –Interreg project reviving traditional trades and crafts

InHerIt partnets during project kick off meeting

This Interreg project focuses on the revival of old trades and crafts that can empower communities and make them sustainable by making local economies stronger. Old wine cellars in Hungary, salt pans or floating mills in Slovenia, breweries in Poland, old boats of Italy or olive groves in Croatia attract visitors. Through the project’s objectives, ways to effectively exploit traditional activities are sought, which will become a source of income for local communities, such as the stimulation of  new creative uses of the historical heritage of traditional boating, navigable waterways and sustainable tourism, that is innovative measures related to specific craft activities linked to the heritage of the navigation.

Development models based on local cultural and economic assets can assist regions of Centrope recovering from structural changes, through the involvement of creative young scientists that redesign local heritage so as to adapt to the new era and market expectations.

The project’s main objective is to improve the capability of regions to utilise and manage cultural heritage of old trades and crafts in an innovative manner by the inclusion of the youth as the key social group to ensure the professional, economically sound therefore sustainable use of this cultural heritage segment in a dynamic age.

The project is expected to:
1) build capacities for coordinating CH valorisation on local & regional levels,
2) valorise particular tangible and intangible heritage assets,
3) sustain old crafts by redefining the related economic activities along a new innovative basis.