Homat Al-Hima Guideline Manual – training youth from Lebanon as Hima guardians

One of the most ancient conservation initiatives, Al Hima means protected area in Arabic, and consists of a “tribal” system for the sustainable management of the environment. It has a life of more than 1.500 years and was spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula. Homat Hima (HH)is about motivating, training and equipping young people from local Hima communities, to act as Hima guardians and heroes according to the Society of the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL).

Today, young people in Lebanon face a number of challenges, including poor economic situation, lack of institutionalisation, security and welfare issues, social pressure, capacity building, unsatisfied basic needs and deprivation, discrimination, lack of adequate education, and unemployment. SPNL in 2014 established the Homat AlHima Fund in order to support the leadership role of the young population by involving them in capacity building trainings, and empowering their ability to make decision concerning the management of the Himas.

A series of skill development training workshops were organised so as to enhance specific skills and knowledge for HH, empower Hima management and face challenges. These skills involve:

–    Flora and Fauna Identification
–    Basic Bird Identification and Monitoring Tools and Techniques
–    Improving Conservation Status near threatened species in Lebanon
–    Ecotourism and Awareness
–    Rope courses Training – Training the trainer and Guides
–    Canoeing Training Program
–    Guide Training
–    Communication & Management
–    Landscape & Hima Training
–    Sustainable Water & Agriculture Management Training
–    Social Media
–    Business Planning
–    Event Management

SPNL in order to empower learning among the  youth, promoted during the training process  theoretical approaches, followed by participatory approaches, and complemented the training with outdoor activities that were used to implement and exercise learnt theoretical information.

To find out more on the Homat Hima and to download the manual, follow this link.