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The Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory (MWO) is a MedWet/Tour du Valat initiative which seeks to monitor and assess Mediterranean wetlands. The MWO functions as a group of partners committed to this common purpose. The key message is “sharing knowledge on Mediterranean wetlands so as to ensure their protection”.

Four main themes have been defined by the Observatory partners:

  • Integrity of biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Causes of change
  • Impacts and benefits
  • Responses: taking wetlands into account in sustainable development

Collectively, these themes cover the current state of wetlands, the drivers and pressures that affect them, the resulting impact on human well-being, and the ways Mediterranean societies have responded in order to reduce them.

During its initial stage, 25 indicators have been selected to cover these four themes, 17 of which have either already been measured or are under development. One relates to the cultural aspects of wetlands and is labelled the ‘Educational & touristic role of wetlands’.

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Med Consortium for nature and culture

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A consortium of national and international NGOs (Associacion Trashumancia y Naturaleza, DiversEarth, Doga Dernegi, the Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos (Med-INA), the Society for Protection of Nature in the Lebanon (SPNL) and the WWF—with advisory support from the IUCN and FFI) have joined forces to undertake a project to assess and support cultural conservation practices in the Mediterranean Basin. Through the project, the Med Consortium aims both to reinforce traditional practices, techniques and ways of living harmoniously with nature and to celebrate the ingenuity with which people across the Mediterranean protect and manage their lands, waters and resources.

If you want to know more about the Med Consortium for nature and culture, click here.