Action for culture in Mediterranean wetlands

25-02-16 medadmin 0 comment

Author: Thymio Papayannis

Culture-related activities in 21 Mediterranean wetland sites, under the prism of the Ramsar Convention and its related Resolutions VIII.19 and IX.21 on cultural values, have been analysed in this book. Also, this book provides an up-to-date documentation of characteristic on-going cultural activities related to the Mediterranean wetlands, examining simultaneously their significance for the management and protection of sensitive ecosystems.

One of the main conclusions of this painstaking work revealed that nature and culture are two interdependent elements and therefore “we cannot understand and manage the ‘natural’ environment unless we understand the human culture that shaped it”. Thus, cultural activities are important for strengthening the link between humans and wetlands, while the cultural values that result from this process are a basic prerequisite for wetland conservation and the sustainable use of their resources and services.

You may download the book in pdf format from here.